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The splendor of the fields of Light (video)

FIELD OF LIGHT 9 ANCIENT GRAINS. Farina Luce®, 9 ancient grains grown on the same field, is the true flavor of wheat thanks to the stone mill. A flour obtained by cultivating eight ancient grains in the same field (Gentil Rosso, Mentana, Verna, Marzuolo, Autonomia, Inallettabile, Terminillo and Risciola) to which a ninth spontaneously joined, the very rare Wheat of the Miracle, which has a cluster ear.

WHY ARE ANCIENT GRAINS IMPORTANT? The term "ancient grains" identifies all the varieties of grain that were cultivated before the modern selection of grains for industrial purposes. These processes have drastically reduced the varieties sown to the few dwarf hybrids (so the ears do not bend and are easier to harvest), hyperproductive (about 45 quintals per hectare, compared to 15 quintals for ancient grains) and rich in proteins (to resist the high temperatures of industrial processes).
On the other hand, ancient grains have high ears, low yields and less protein, but they are also much more fragrant and tasty, richer in vitamins and minerals and also more digestible.

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