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S. Cappelli at 800 meters above sea level (video)

Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, 800 meters above sea level, our cultivation.

The splendor of the fields of Light (video)

9 ancient grains grown on the same field, Farina Luce® project.

Cultivation of ancient grains (video TG Rai3)

Rai TG Emilia Romagna Region, we talked about the project "Farina Luce® "9 ancient grains".

AMORETERRA, Senatore Cappelli wheat crops.

Visit where we grow the wonderful and precious "Senatore Cappelli" wheat.

The precious monococcus spelled at 800 meters above sea level (video)

Visit where we grow the highly prized Einkorn Spelled

Senatore Cappelli, cultivation 2021 Tuscan-Emilian Apennines (video)

Uncontaminated places, far from road arteries, S. Cappelli cultivation.

The Italyn Korasan grown by AMORETERRA (video)

Find out where we grow our all-Italyn Korasan.

Farina Luce® 9 ancient grains in the same field.

Chapter 1 Farina Luce® - How it was born and where we grow the 9 grains.

Farina Luce® put to the test with master pasta makers

Chapter 2 Farina Luce® - The final check with the pasta masters.

Clinical study deals with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

Clinical study conducted on Senatore Cappelli pasta.

Senator Cappelli Basilicata, granary of Italy (video)

Matera, one of the places where we grow our ancient grains and cereals.

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