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(Offer) 3 Pcs. Whole wheat einkorn flour - Bio Tot. 1,5Kg


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Einkorn spelled

Total weight: 1.5 kg.

Spelled Einkorn was the first cereal cultivated by man about 12 thousand years ago. The monococcus variety is the smallest and most valuable for the exceptional concentration of nutrients, it is rich in fiber, B vitamins and proteins, including the essential amino acid methionine.
It is grown and stone-ground slowly on the Modenese Apennines, without eliminating the precious wheat germ, and is packaged within three days of milling.

Ingrediants: Flour of Emmer monococcus variety* From organic farming. 
Contains Wheat germ
Allergens: May contain SOYBEAN

Origin: Italy
Country of milling: Italy

old stone mill that turns and turns and turns always slowly, this is how our flours are born.
Watch the video of the mill

It is advisable to combine it with mother yeast or natural yeast and subject it to longer leavening times than normal times. It maintains excellent performance even if it is mixed with other flours or semolina, as long as they are of ancient varieties.
Ideal for:
The flavor is delicate and aromatic making it ideal for the preparation of bread, pizza, focaccia, cakes, sweets and biscuits.

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