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(offer) 6 Pcs. Senatore Cappelli wholemeal spaghetti - artisanal, BIO, ancient grains

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Whole wheat spaghetti Senatore Cappelli

Total net weight: 3Kg.

We offer you 6 packs of our pasta in the "Wholemeal Spaghetti" format, produced with durum wheat of the S. Cappelli variety, with a unique, aromatic and persistent taste that brings with it all the flavors of Italian pasta making tradition.

This wonderful grain is transformed in our stone mill and after a few days it is delivered to the master pasta makers, who masterfully bring to your table a pasta with high nutritional values and highly digestible. It has a lower amount of gluten thanks to careful processing and drying at low temperatures.
If you are looking for the taste of Italian tradition, high digestibility, low values in terms of glycemic index and gluten, bring our artisan wholemeal pasta to the table.
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Ingrediants: Whole durum WHEAT semolina Senatore Cappelli variety *, water. * From organic farming
Allergens: Cereals containing GLUTEN, may contain traces of SOY.
Origin of the grain: Italy
Country of milling: Italy

Peso: 3 Kg
Filiera AmoreTerra
Coltivazioni Senatore Cappelli: 
Puglia, Basilicata ed Emilia Romagna su terreni incontaminati.
Pastificazione Senatore Cappelli: 
Si svolge in Puglia, Basilicata e Marche in pastifici storici ed artigianali, trafilatura al bronzo e essiccazione a bassa temperatura per ottenere il meglio da ogni formato.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 gr. di prodotto:
: 1339kj/320 kcal
2,67 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi: 0,389 g
62,37 g
di cui zuccheri:
2,49 g
8,4 g
12,62 g
0,015 g

Metodo conservazione: Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.

Smaltimento prodotto:
PP 05 Film + etichetta Raccolta differenziata plastica.
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  1. Because it has a unique taste, aromatic and persistent that brings with it all the flavors of the Italyn pasta making tradition.
  2. Because it is 100% Italyn pasta prepared with raw materials from our supply chain.
  3. Because we grow our wheat where our grandparents used to grow it, away from industrialized areas and road arteries.
  4. Why is it clinical study carried out at the A. Gemelli University Hospital proves that the Cappelli variety is more digestible it's more tolerable for those who are sensitive to wheat, compared to other varieties.
  5. Because it is prepared with traditional method which preserves the organoleptic properties And nutritional of wheat.
  6. Why do we cook very fresh semolina within 72 hours of milling, follows bronze drawing and one slow drying at low temperature.
  7. Why ours pasta And ethics, in fact, the entire supply chain is structured in respect for the environment, of the farmers and gods consumers.
In support of our choice oriented to the protection of ancient grains and in relation to their properties, we recommend reading the study of the A. Gemelli University Polyclinic Foundation. Their research confirms that Senatore Cappelli pasta promotes a significant reduction in gastrointestinal symptoms, less swelling and numbness.
(The study data were obtained by comparison with pasta produced through the use of a standard commercial grain)

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