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Advice and preparation Senatore Cappelli integral

We recommend an 80 g portion of Pasta per day for an adult. This particular product could be a good solution for those who have digestive problems or bloating after eating pasta. Product not recommended for celiacs.
Ideal for:
Leave room for your imagination. Combine it with all kinds of toppings and find out which ones you like best. It is perfect in all diets because the high fiber content gives a more prolonged sense of satiety. In your combinations, just pay attention to the fact that wholemeal pasta absorbs more seasoning than traditional pasta, so it is preferable not to combine it with sauces. Try them with a dressing of fresh tomato in small pieces, flavored with aromatic herbs or chopped vegetables.
Preparation and cooking:
Cook in a large pot with a quantity of water that corresponds to 1 liter for every 100 g of product. After bringing the water to a boil, add a handful of coarse salt and then immerse the pasta. After the cooking time indicated on the package, drain the pasta. In the event that the pasta must be sautéed together with the sauce, we recommend draining it one minute before ideal cooking.

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