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Farina Luce® alla prova con i mastri pastai

Farina Luce® put to the test with master pasta makers

Here we are at the final test of Farina Luce®.
Once the wheat was ground, we immediately brought the "Farina Luce®" to Bari from one of the best bakers in Italy, Beppe Concordia, to have his opinion and a technical opinion.

As soon as we arrived we immediately started preparing the test.
After putting 1 kg of flour in the mixer, as if to warn us and prepare us for the severe verification, Beppe told us: "If it absorbs more than 60% of water, it means it's good".

The tension was palpable in the air ... a bit of apprehension showed in Michele's face. In just one moment the result of years of research and work could be nullified!
Fortunately, after a short time, a smile appeared on both Beppe's and Michele's faces, absorption had reached 60%, That is the correct percentage that indicates the average absorption of a soft wheat flour.

Obviously it was not enough, we were only at the beginning of a good road and continuing to follow it we could only rejoice, the absorption had come to indicate 70%!.
Now we are! All the great work done was confirmed in final step.

We were ready to celebrate, everyone took another look at the index and everyone was speechless when stopped at 80%. Amazing! This figure means that Farina Luce® is a high quality flour, which lends itself to many uses in relation to the data of the nutritional values (12,6 g of proteins and 10,9 g of fibers on 100 g, optimal numbers).

Now that the performance has far exceeded anyone's expectations, the phase of the production of bakery products.

farina luce il test di assorbimento

 You will wonder why to choose the "Farina Luce®" line.

There are many reasons and all of them will make you fall in love with Linea Luce®.
  • La Farina Luce really has a unique, intense and persistent taste. Seeing is believing!
  • It's more digestible, since the selected varieties all belong to an era when wheat intolerances were unknown.
  • AND nutritious, because the rich wheat germ is not eliminated vitamins and minerals.
  • Thanks to his superior taste you can create product lines healthy and immediately ready to eat: the pasta is so good it is "ready with a drizzle of oil", tarallini are an ideal snack as a hunger breaker, rusks make your breakfast "More"and many other products are currently being worked on. Don't worry, we will keep you updated on all of them!
  • Last but not least, the possibility of create directly at home: Bread, focaccia, pizzas and unique desserts, with a flavor that you can only find in the Italyn culinary tradition.

You can find Luce products in the sections: PASTA  |  FLOURS  | BAKERY PRODUCTS.

Did we manage to intrigue you at least a little? 
Good light everyone!


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