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Raw Honey Millefiori - Bio- 500g


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Raw wildflower honey
Net weight: 500g.

This Millefiori Honey comes from the soils of the AMORETERRA supply chain of excellence: the hives are placed exclusively on the Italyn territory, in uncontaminated places near organic farms. The treatments are all natural and non-invasive, without the use of chemicals and pasteurization. It has a color that varies from very light to dark brown. It is predominantly creamy with very fine crystallization. Its flavor varies from very sweet to slightly bitter depending on the flowers chosen by the bees.

100% Basilicata honey

The beekeeper company that produces honey for the AMORETERRA supply chain has been awarded over the years:
2021: Three drops of gold (two drops)
2020: Three drops of gold (two drops)
2020: Biomiel gold medal
2019: Biomiel gold medal
2018: Biomiel gold medal
 so in previous years starting from 2007

100% Millefiori honey

AMORETERRA supply chain
The honeys come from the land of the AMORETERRA supply chain of excellence in Basilicata
natural and non-invasive, without the use of chemicals and pasteurization.

Conservation method: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Product disposal:
JAR: GL 70 Glass CAPSULE: C / FE 91 Metal
Check the provisions of your municipality.

The added value of this honey is in the use of natural products based on thymol to treat bees. In this way we avoid the treatment of antibiotics and we can offer a more genuine honey. It is not pasteurized (a treatment that denatures enzymes, vitamins and proteins) but is heated to a temperature that does not exceed 40 degrees (hive temperature) to preserve its natural qualities. It is collected by removing the bees by non-invasive methods, without resorting to smoking or chemicals to calm the bees. The honey extraction takes place cold, without the use of preheated knives. The centrifuge is at low speed. Before being put into jars, the honey is left to rest in the special vats for 15 days to ensure the highest quality. We leave part of the honey stocks in the hives during the coldest months to ensure the sustenance of the bees. This honey boasts several quality titles and award certificates also at an international level.
ideal for:
The uses of honey are endless. It can be enjoyed plain, but also as a sweetener in place of refined sugars or as an ingredient in cakes, desserts and biscuits. Sulla honey is an excellent table honey. As a sweetener, it does not affect the flavor of the foods to which it is added. It has diuretic, tonic, purifying and laxative properties.
To absorb all the noble parts of honey it is advisable not to subject it to high temperatures, but to taste it at a temperature below 40 °.

Did you know that bee pollen contains almost all the nutrients the human body needs?
Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids and bioflavonoids which makes it antibacterial, antifungal and an antiviral agent that strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, increases energy and lowers cholesterol levels naturally.
It is also excellent in pregnancy and breastfeeding as it assists in the development of the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems, and promotes the production of breast milk.

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