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100% Arabica ground coffee 250g


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Ground Arabica coffee
Format: 250 g

This organic line is obtained from the selection of large bean Arabica coffees that have obtained the triple AAA. The Arabica variety gives rise to a very fragrant coffee, with an aromatic and round flavor and an aftertaste of caramel and chocolate. The qualities of the raw materials are maintained and enhanced by roasting in a small laboratory in Basilicata. This version in single-serving pods of 7.2 grams of ground coffee is practical and compatible with all machines that use pods.

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100% Arabica coffee
Conservation mode:
Keep in a cold and dry place.
Coffee origin:
Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia, Peru.
The Coffea Arabica plant grows between 600 and 2000 meters and gives its best at the highest altitudes. Its caffeine content is lower than the Robusta variety, which grows between sea level and 600 meters above sea level. Escaffè selects the best beans through an organoleptic analysis performed by a team of experts. The roasting takes place in a small roasting plant in Basilicata, where the coffee loses 15-20% of weight, increases by 60% in volume, loses humidity, becomes dark in color and releases all the aromas that will give the specific taste and odors.
Five tips for obtaining a good coffee with the mocha. 1) Do not exceed the level of the valve when filling the boiler with water. 2) Fill the filter with a quantity of coffee according to taste, but without pressing it (it will crush itself when we screw the coffee maker). 3) Before screwing, clean the edges of the filter and the boiler from any residual ground coffee so that the gasket adheres perfectly. 4) Cook over low heat and turn off the coffee as soon as possibleit begins to rise, to extract only the most noble part. 5) Rinse the coffee maker immediately after pouring the coffee so that it does not form the so-called "shirt".

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