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(offer) 3 Pcs. Soft wheat flour Gentil Rosso Type 2 - Bio


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3 Pcs. Gentil Rosso type 2

Net weight: 1,5 Kg.

Gentil Rosso ancient wheat type 2 flour is an extraordinary product for its nutritional values, aromas and flavors. Gentil Rosso, a soft wheat cultivated for centuries in Northern Italy, is the variety with the highest presence of vanillin, which gives this product a unique fragrance and elegance, which you will also find in the finished products. It is ideal for all types of baked goods.

Ingrediants: 100% Wheat Gentil type 0 Organic Red.
Contains Wheat germ

Allergens: Cereals containing GLUTEN And SOY
Origin of the grain: Italy
Country of milling: Italy

In Emilia Romagna between 800 and 1050 meters, on organic land surrounded by uncontaminated areas and away from traffic arteries.
Stone milling: 
In an old mill where we cultivate, low speed milling.

How to use it
It is advisable to combine it with mother yeast or natural yeast and subject it to longer leavening times than normal times. It is also advisable to mix it with warm water and, obviously, to avoid contact between the leavening part and the salt during the preparation of products such as bread, pizza, focaccia. It maintains excellent performance even if it is mixed with other flours or semolina, as long as they are of ancient varieties.

Ideal for:
The whole wheat flour of the Gentil Rosso variety is ideal for bread and pizza, but also for the preparation of cakes, desserts and biscuits.

AMORETERRA supply chain
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Average nutritional values for 100 gr. of product:
: 1449kj/343 kcal
2,9 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0,5 g
61 g
of which sugars:
1,2 g
9,0 g
13 g
<0,01 g

Conservation method: Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.

Product disposal:
OTHER 07 Film + etichetta Raccolta differenziata plastica.
Verifica le disposizioni del tuo comune.

Mill video

old stone mill that turns and turns and turns always slowly, this is how our flours are born.

The mill we have selected for the AMORETERRA supply chain is located in the Modena Apennines, near the wheat and cereal fields. It is a millstone a natural stone stone, a fundamental element for us because modern reconstructed stones are mixed with substances such as ceramic and corundum (aluminum oxide) whose impact on health is not yet clear.

The element that differentiates us is the choice to keep the speed of the grinder below normal quality standards, in fact when it produces our flours, this mill rotates at 60 revolutions per minute (against the 80-120 of normal stone milling). This ensures that production takes place at a low temperature without denaturing the grain or cereal of its nutrients which are lost at higher temperatures. 

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